Past Work

‘We Weren’t The First Ones Here.’  Joseph Wallace Dir.


Winner of Best Animation at Ffresh Student Moving Image Festival 2010

“A story of a house, the generations of people who moved through it and the effects of its occupants.”

Short film told using a combination of 2D and stop-motion animation, made at Newport Film School, 2010.

‘The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling.’  Joseph Wallace Dir.


“Ivor’s life is turned upside down after a falling plant pot sparks a series of paranoid reactions.”

Nominated for a BAFTA Cymru in ‘Short Form and Animation’. Winner ‘Best Animation’, One Voice Festival 2012, 2nd Prize Royal Television Society Student Animation Award, Winner of ‘Best Up-and-Coming Talent Award 2011’ Canterbury Anifest and winner of ‘Best Film’ Newport Animation Awards 2011.

‘Chicken and Egg Situation’ 
Zed Productions.


Written and directed by Oliver Zimmermann, animation by Simon Ball, voiced by Nathan Hughes.

‘Use Your Head’ 
Zed Productions


Music video in support for the cause to end violence against women and girls (VAWG). Filmed and developed in conjunction with Integrate Bristol and Zed Productions.

‘You Chews It’ 
Zed Productions


Short animation directed by Oliver Zimmermann, starring the young people from Integrate Bristol. With UK Khat ban just days away this short animation looks at how this might effect people who currently use khat legally. The story is told through eyes of a young boy who’s father chews khat.

‘Hearts & Minds.’ 
Adam Tyler Dir.


Conscription has been introduced in Britain. Across the country, young people are being called upon to serve the nation in another reactionary Middle-Eastern conflict. They face war on a scale not seen in any of their lifetimes. hearts & minds follows ten of these young people in the weeks leading up to the first wave of departures, as they are forced to question their own principles and come to terms with what they stand to lose.